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  August 22, 2010


Hi All,

I wanted to write you a quick update before the team gets here next Saturday.  We have been busy here buying all the building materials and getting it out to Tamshiyacu.  It isn’t as easy as it seems as once you buy the materials, you have to get them to the port, then you have to get all the materials down this big hill to the boat then travel in the boat for about 6 hours then get all the materials up another huge hill and about a half a mile to the church.  Thankfully Pastor Leiter and Juanvolunteered to ride with the supplies and help get them delivered.  I was very grateful as there were 40 bags of cement plus a lot of other supplies.  Most all of the supplies are now there in Tamshiyacu and we have someone keeping an eye on them but please keep this project in your prayers as it seems every time we start a project such as this, something always seems to happen.  I therefore covet your prayers for this team.


The team arrives this Saturday and we will be traveling out to Tamshiyacu that same day.  It will be a lot of hard, hot work but will be a blessing to the church and to the new Pastor that will finish seminary in December. 


Yesterday Lucy and I made a quick trip to San Juan de Sinchi Cuy to visit the church plant and eat Caymito which is a fruit that is in season right now.  We also went to inform Lucy’s brother who is in charge of the work there that their father is not doing well.  (Picture: Caymito)


We had a longer walk than usual as the water has dropped so much that we had to get off the boat on the Amazon instead of entering the Sinchi Cuy Creek.  It was really a beautiful walk except that the bridges have gotten even worse—there are more broken boards making some of them very difficult to cross. 


I wanted to write about this trip as I really felt a great joy as I looked out across the group of children and adults gathered at the service last night.  A year and a half ago when we first started going to San Juan de Sinchi Cuy, the children were frightened and the adults were suspicious of us.  They did not know any Christian songs and the adults did not really want us there.  There was a real resistance to the gospel and we had to go house to house to invite people to the service.


Last night I truly recognized the changes that have taken place.  We didn’t even announce that we were having service; instead everyone was asking us what time we would have the service.   We had a children’s service in the afternoon and then a regular service that night.  The children all had their favorite praise songs that they wanted to sing.  We had a two hour service and they still did not want to return to their homes.  It was truly a blessing for me to see this.  My heart is still full of joy today—nothing huge happened, but to see the children and adults singing their hearts out and receiving us with such acceptance just brought me an inexplicable joy and I am truly grateful. (Picture: Lucy speaking to some of the children)


Today we left at 5:30 am so we could get back to Iquitos as tonight is the anniversary of the church in Iquitos and we had to help with the preparation.  As we were getting off the boat in Iquitos , one of the members of the church from San Juan de Sinchi Cuy helped carry our things to the moto taxi.  As he left he said take care of yourself Kaylita and asked when we would be  coming back—that we needed to visit more often.  This also touched me as most of you probably know; Kaylita is an endearing form of Kayleen.  It just felt wonderful first of all because I didn’t even know that he knew my name and second of all, these were the people that once upon a time did not want us in their village.  I just am thankful to the Lord that he is faithful to His word as in Galatians 6:9 “And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”


(Picture: Youth Group dancing) 

As I mentioned above, tonight we had the anniversary of the Iquitos church. We have owned this building since 2001 which is ironic as 2001 is the first year that I came toPeru on a short term mission trip.   The festivities of this evening were great.  The youth group performed some dances, a Colombian Pastor who is our next door neighbor, delivered the message and of course the food.  My heart is very full of gratitude in this night that God has given me this opportunity and honor to be able to share His word in this part of the world.  I hope this email also finds you all very blessed.  (Picture: Gladys'--our cook for our mission teams grandson singing for the church anniversary)


In Christ,


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